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Men's dress shoes

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  • Materialleather
  • Standards/CertificatePatent_korea(shoes), U.S FDA_orthopedic posture correcting medical equipment(shoes)
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  • South Korea South Korea
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Product Detail Information

The embedded springs function as the suspension(absorb shock),and keep the sole horizontal and thus correct the wearer’s posture.

Relieves pain in the feet,knees,and lower back due to distortion of the body and difference in the length of legs and absorb shock when walking or running.The suspension function reduces fatigue and evenly distributes pressure on the heels for correct posture

1.ORTHOSIS,CORRECTIVE SHOE [U.S.FDA Medical treatment Registration]

2.Relieves pain and absorbs shock (up to about 35%-70%) 

3.Reduce fatigue (up to about 46%-51%)

4.Increases effectiveness of exercise (3-stage walking)

5.Improves blood circulation (pressure and massage)

6.Maintains the inside of shoes pleasant(discharges air)


  • Performance and Clinical Tests

1、Clincal Test at Gangnam St.Mary’s Hostpital ( Tak Joo,Orth opedic Surgery )

    Results: Relieved pain by 72% in the feet .42% in the knees,and 62% in the lower back  and allowed the patients to be more active to prevent  various  disease

2、Fatigue Test (Korea  Research  Institute  of  Standards  and  Science )

    Korea Research Institute of Standards and Science conducted the fatigue test to prove that fatigue was reduced by 21%-51%,firedness was reduced by 30%,and shock was  absorbed by 30% or more .

3.Pressure Distribution Test (Sangwoo Science )

    As a result of testing pressure distribution with the feet pressing device, pressure was  evenly distributed to prove shock absorption.

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